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My passion is Wedding Photography. I love the story, the day, the couples in love. On one day so many moments happen. Its in those moments that I enjoy making still photographs that will be treasured in the years to come.

I want to create beautiful portraits, magnificent still lifes, and amazing candids for the bride and groom. I simply put my subjects in the best light and let magic happen; thats how I photograph couples.

I primarily photograph weddings in Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati, but I am available for Destination weddings as well.

Feel free to give me a call at 859-396-2858 or

Greg and Jackie Engagement

Greg and Jackie are dear friends of mine.  I have known Greg for for over 5 years now, and Jackie for most of that time.  When they asked me to shoot their engagement pics, I was absolutely elated.  They are a georgeous couple!  Greg from down south, went to Georgia Tech, and Jackie is from Louisville, but we won’t hold that against them here in Cat country!

We have shared some fun times together, going out having a good time, but most of all I am glad you all found each other.  You all look beautiful together and I hope this slideshow does it justice.

Cheers, Caleb

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