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About Caleb Benton Photography

My passion is Wedding Photography. I love the story, the day, the couples in love. On one day so many moments happen. Its in those moments that I enjoy making still photographs that will be treasured in the years to come.

I want to create beautiful portraits, magnificent still lifes, and amazing candids for the bride and groom. I simply put my subjects in the best light and let magic happen; thats how I photograph couples.

I primarily photograph weddings in Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati, but I am available for Destination weddings as well.

Feel free to give me a call at 859-396-2858 or calebbentonphotos@gmail.com

Cindy + Dennis

November 19th, 2011

Ceremony and Reception:  Keene place at Keeneland, Lexington KY

Wedding Co-coordinator at Keeneland:  Kate Bunnell McLean

Floral arrangements by:  Mother of the Bride!

Andy + Amy

November 19th, 2011

Ceremony and Reception:  Chrisman Mills Vineyards

Hair by: Bak 4 more studio


























Laura + Robert Wedding

September 12th, 2011

Biltmore: Asheville, NC

Hair by: Hayley Gregory at Adorn Salon and Boutique

Ceremony and Reception: Biltmore Inn

Kim + Ray Wedding

September 12th, 2011

Hotel:  Hyatt Downtown Louisville

Ceremony:  Bates Memorial Baptist Church

Reception: Kyes, Jeffersonville

Jamie and Mike

June 26th, 2011

Ceremony:  McConnell Springs

Reception: Bodley-Bullock House

Catering:  Bourbon n’ Toulouse

Minister:  Jeff Eller

Jackie and Greg

June 11th, 2011

Ceremony:  St. Brigid Church, Louisville, Kentucky

Reception: The Olmsted

Floral arrangements by:  Lavender Hill

Hair by: Stephanie Cassidy

Makeup by:  Emily Estes

DJ:  Michael Ballard from Lightwave Entertainment

Hannah and Adam’s Wedding

May 17th, 2011

Ceremony:  First Presbyterian Church Richmond,KY

Reception:  Spindletop Hall

Event Co-ordinator, Spindletop:  Pat Prather

Photographer’s Assistant:  Mark Benton

I hope you Enjoy some of the pictures from Hannah and Adam’s Beautiful wedding.  Best of luck and happiness to my Friends.  It was an honor and a privilege to shoot your wedding!


Hannah and Adam Engagement

January 25th, 2011


Better late than never, I needed to post this several months ago, but here it is….She loves designer purses…..He loves fast motorcycles and rock climbing.  They both love to smile and be in each others arms….  The motorcycle is for sale, but the beautiful oval diamond on Hannah’s hand will shine for the rest of time.

Hannah and Adam have been dating for about a year, I think when you know.. you know.  They are the dearest of friends to me and amazing company, not to mention…perfect for each other.  They work together at Lexmark, which is where they met.

When Adam first sort of started asking Hannah out, it was a bit subtle, you know, “Can we do drinks sometime?”  One night after such a text, Hannah just said, “If you want to ask me out, just ask me out already”…and the rest is history.

I know them both separately, and now together. Doing this shoot, it was just clear to me how much they love each other and what a wonderful time they have ahead of them.  They looked georgeous, and had fun with each other, as I made funny comments, but just observed their world.

I am really going to enjoy shooting the wedding next year at Spindletop, which is going to be nothing short of glorious for this amazing couple!  Enjoy the pictures:

Adam and Hannah’s Wedding is approaching quickly, and I am so excited to shoot it.  Its going to be a blast, everyone stay tuned for that post, its going to be spectacular!!



Jeff and Heather NYE Wedding!!

January 20th, 2011
Jeff and Heather are great friends of mine.  I went to college with Jeff and I got to meet Heather later on.  Jeff and Heather are both in love, and in love with UK, as you can tell if you have seen their engagement pictures!!  I was honored to shoot their wedding on NYE in New Albany at the Grand.  I hope you all love the pictures!!
Heather’s dress was absolutely georgeous, and the detail is just amazing as you can tell from the pics above.
This was the Jewelry that complimented Heather throughout the entire day.  I loved the necklace!
Heather, don’t kill me for putting a pic of you with the rollers on!  I love this pic with the natural lighting, you look great!
Heather and all the Bridesmaids had matching morning robes for when they were hanging out and getting ready.  The robes were stitched with their initials, which I thought was a great way to start the day.
Heather is still getting her hair done here, and I was lucky enough to get this beautiful image of her makeup mirror.
I got some great shots of Heather getting ready above.  Her hair was amazing along with all the wedding party, done by Karen Stivers at solasolons.com.  Karen was nice enough to move her setup in front of this beautiful window for the shots seen above, Thank you!  :)  Karen has been doing Heather and her Family’s hair for years.
Heather had just got into her beautiful dress, and everyone was mesmerized at how radiant she looked.
Heather looks absolutely stunning, and her eyes in this picture just pop off the image.
This shot gives you a better idea of the length of the dress, just awesome.
I can’t tell you how stunning Heather looked that day, but I hope that these pictures will show you a bit…..beautiful veil.
Heather’s portrait session was simply breathtaking.  Everything was perfect, and I was just lucky to be a part of it all.
Jeff is Manly man, but I snuck this shot in of his buddy giving him a bit of help with his color!
There is something about a tuxedo thats absolutely classic.
We snapped off a couple shots inside while it rained outdoors for a bit.
I really like this image of the guys in the elevator on our way to a downtown Louisville Groomsmen portraits.
Its hard for guys not to look cool in tuxes in an urban environment.  I think everyone was jealous.  Plus its NYE and we were getting a head start on the party!!
Jeff is a huge Beatles Fan, and what was really cool as it turned out is that 2010 is John Lennon’s 30th anniversary.  This shot is for Jeff and a subtle tribute to John Lennon and “Abbey Road”.
I saw a cab stop at a red light, and I grabbed Jeff and pulled off this portrait, one of my favorites…
I know, I know, here I got cutting off people heads, but I thought the reflection in the rain water was fun.
I am probably crazy, but this is one of my favorite shots of the guys.  About a second exposure with the Louisville bridge in the background.
This shot was during Jeff and Heather’s “first look”, which they elected to do before the ceremony.  This gives me a chance to make amazing pictures without having as much of the time constraint in between ceremony and reception.
I used this antique coach at the Grand for several of the Wedding party shots.  I love this one of Heather.
Heather with her beautiful Bridesmaids.  Everyone loves a black dress!
The Wedding party.
This is out front in front of the Marquee.  Classic shot.
Some of the Wedding details…
I got this shot during the dancing, such a cute little kid.  He was fascinated with my Camera, and wanted to be the center of attention.  Hey, who can blame him! :)
Heather surprised Jeff with an Old school Rolls Royce to take them off into the distance/after party!
Jeff and Heather, thank you for the memories, and for letting me be a part of your wonderful day.  You all are perfect for each other, and so lucky to have each other.  Some of the happiest folks at the wedding were your parents because they knew how lucky they were to have you both as part of their family.  Congratulations, and what a way to End 2010, but begin the rest of your lives together!!

Greg and Jackie Engagement

September 10th, 2010

Greg and Jackie are dear friends of mine.  I have known Greg for for over 5 years now, and Jackie for most of that time.  When they asked me to shoot their engagement pics, I was absolutely elated.  They are a georgeous couple!  Greg from down south, went to Georgia Tech, and Jackie is from Louisville, but we won’t hold that against them here in Cat country!

We have shared some fun times together, going out having a good time, but most of all I am glad you all found each other.  You all look beautiful together and I hope this slideshow does it justice.

Cheers, Caleb


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